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 Why Deep Clean?


Coronavirus discount

25 % off to NHS and key workers on the Deep Clean.

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Coronavirus?

Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to kill coronavirus. Scientists discovered that the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-19, can live on many surfaces for up to three days.

Will steam kill coronavirus?

The Government’s answer is yes. When detergents, laundry, and other chemical solutions couldn’t work in many items, you can use the steam cleaner method. Steam is not only safe but also effective and convenient for decontamination in many items. For example, steam cleaning can be the best way of killing coronavirus in upholstered items, car interiors ,door handles,  waterproof items, many wooden furniture, and mattresses, etc the list is endless.

Heat treatment can kill germs, viruses, and fungi effectively. According to the UK’s guidelines, you can use over-70-Celsius-degree heat treatment to clean upholstery and carpets we use 220C steam and have been for years. Perfectly safe on all parts of your vehicle and In short, steam cleaning is a useful method to wipe out coronavirus and keep your family safe in this time of the pandemic.

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning can help to remove dirt, mildew, fungi, and bacteria. Moreover, it’s a non-toxic and zero-waste method. It can penetrate deeply into non porous and even porous grout therefore killing germs hiding inside those materials.

Moreover, it leaves no chemical residue. So, this method is very safe for users, especially your kids. You don’t need to worry that the detergent residues in the cloth will do harm to your kids’ sensitive skin. In addition, this method can prevent the dirt from reabsorbing back into the cloth or grout. In addition, high temperatures will kill germs, viruses, and fungi totally in your clothes and furniture. Studies

Simple just call stating the Deep Clean package and book a time we can visit you either at home or at work. All packages will include a dashboard steaming.

Deep interior clean on cars start from £80 just call 07739 409680


Upon leaving the showroom, new cars soon become subject to the wear and tear of everyday use.  From UV rays, acid rain, salt, grit and grime and road dust, to chewing gum and chocolate in the interior.  In order to maintain your car in tip top condition regular and correct


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