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The New Life Time of ownership  Guarantee by Autoglym lifeshine

Nothing matches the look, smell and feel of a brand new car as it leaves the showroom for the first time.

In no time at all the gloss fades wiping the shine off the best-kept vehicle and the smile off your face.

If your car is less than 5 years old, Autoglym LifeShine with its amazing three part treatment and ten year guarantee, leaves your car in mint condition inside and out.

LifeShine is a unique treatment using top quality chemicals that seal in the shine and keep out the grime.

LifeShine does not just leave your car looking miles better it can also add thousands of pounds to its resale value.

Garages typically charge from £500 for a LifeShine treatment that you take on trust. With AWACS Valeting Services you see the job done  and with prices from just £299.00 including a full hand over pack and how to use it.

protects paintwork by repelling water and protecting against even the harshest conditions.
seals upholstery, leather, fabrics and carpets so that spills simple bead on the surface and can be easily wiped away.
Seals side and rear windows with a clear non-stick coating so rain drops roll off giving better visibility and safety. A washer additive as part of the LifeShine care kit, left with every customer, keeps the windscreen clean and clear

These prices include full interior/exterior kit, manufacturers 10 year guarantee, and aftercare kit. Prices include VAT

All cars


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Supagard has been classed a recommended branded accessory by Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Mitsubishi and Citroen and many more. It really is the market leader.

Supagard comes complete with additives which you can use when you wash your car, and of course they come with our full recommendation. But the beauty of Supagard is that your three year guarantee does not depend on monthly application and annual inspections. This really is a no nonesense product which is virtually maintenance free. Just use Supagard's Shampoo (or any other quality shampoo) to clean your car when it gets dirty.

Although supagard is guaranteed for three years, our customers have found that if the car is well taken care of and the addatives used, Supagard will last 5 years or more.

Supagard is a complete protection program for your car and includes their highly effective FabricGard and CarpetGard , meaning that your car is protected inside and out. It comes as a complete protection package, we apply for you.

To see how the Supagard paint sealant works, click here to visit thier site .

Supagard is the paint sealant we recommend for people with new and nearly new cars.


These prices include full interior/exterior kit, manufacturers 3 year guarantee, and aftercare kit. Prices include VAT

All cars




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