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 Why Valet?

New cars

Upon leaving the showroom, new cars soon become subject to the wear and tear of everyday use.  From UV rays, acid rain, salt, grit and grime and road dust, to chewing gum and chocolate in the interior.  In order to maintain your car in tip top condition regular and correct valeting will be required.

Used cars

These types of cars should be valeted for a number of reasons, we outline some here

  • To bring the cars original look and feel back to life
  • To remove all traces of previous owners
  • To ensure that when selling the car you achieve the highest possible price
  • It’s a matter of appearance!
  • Valeting the car allows you to maximise the enjoyment you get back from your investment.  Who likes a dirty car or van?
  • Applying a paint sealant to a car body will protect the paintwork for up to and over 2 years ie The Supagard system etc....
  • Having your car regularly valeted increases the selling potential which means an extra money return 

 Selling a car

 It makes sense to have your car professionally valeted before selling. Why?

 A clean, well presented car can increase the asking price from £300.00 - £1000.00+.  Meaning calling in AWACS Valeting becomes a wise business move on your behalf!

  • If car dealers call us in to valet cars on the forecourt then you can assume that a clean car commands a higher selling price
  • A clean car always makes a quick sale
  • Negotiations with the potential purchaser become easier for the seller

 Valeting for the car enthusiast

 We know and appreciate that cars can become things of ‘obsession’ we know because we are obsessed by cars too!

 There are many types of car that require lots of care and attention from classic cars to performance cars and luxury limousines.

As Car Valeting experts we posses the skills required to maintain the enthusiasts car in the best possible condition.  Working in close collaboration with the owners we offer a service that will not only help preserve the condition of the car but ensure that the car is given the maximum protection possible from the elements.

We are also experts in helping those restore or renovate the cars paintwork and interiors’ to their original glory.  We have ways and means to bring back even the dullest, most faded paintwork!

We are proud to be able to offer ‘personalised’ valeting programmes and packages to suit every owners’ needs and demands. 

 Valeting a fleet or commercial vehicle

Despite the interior of the car resembling a luxury pad with drivers splashing out on a host of high-tech gadgets, sound systems and climate controls the british company car or van driver is failing to pay enough attention to the exterior of the vehicle according to research by the Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance.

According to this research a whopping 43% of company car owners own up to the fact that they do not clean their cars as regularly as they should.  With 4% admitting that the words ‘clean me’ have been written in the dirt!

Just as you should not turn up to a meeting in a dirty suit, you should not turn up for a meeting in a dirty car. For a business person this can be a real ‘image wrecker’.

Bearing in mind that we make ‘snap decisions’ about the people we meet within seconds, a filthy car would immediately ring alarm bells, suggesting the owner of the car doesn’t take care of his/her possessions, and therefore would not take care of their clients or customers!

Fleet managers are obviously concerned with the key fundamentals such as increasing fuel prices and health & safety.  However, keeping a company car of van in top shape is very important, especially if its on contract hire.  Correct, periodic care of the cars appearance will really pay off at trade-in time.

Valeting a commercial vehicle

Every business understands the importance of image.  What image are you projecting?  The benefits of valeting are easy on this one!

If your employees are presented with clean and tidy vehicles it becomes a whole lot easier to encourage them to treat them with the respect these commercial ‘workhorses’ deserve.

Regular valeting not only helps project the correct corporate image but ensures your vehicles are protected correctly from the elements.  This all helps to prolong the life expectancy of your vehicles and when the time comes ensures you achieve the highest possible trade-in price!

The ‘parent’ thing!

We all know and appreciate the cleaning that parents need to carry out in the home. The trouble is, kids have a terrible habit of spilling or dropping every type of drink and food-stuff in the cars interior too and upon returning home from the ‘school run’ there just isn’t the time to pay much attention to the car.

If that’s not bad enough the kids then proceed to trample all over every surface rubbing the offending spillage further into the interiors’ seats and carpets.

What we also need to remember is that this food and drink WILL eventually rot and attract all kinds of bacteria and even fungus while leaving a not so pleasant smell in the car.

Let AWACS mobile valeters come to you and keep the cars interior in tip-top condition for you!  It may well work out cheaper than you imagine!

That special occasion

Someone you know have a birthday coming up?  We’ll soon have the car in A1 condition ready to surprise that special someone.  They won’t suspect a thing!

Just married?  Get that car cleaned whether it is for transportation to the airport or further a field make a fresh start to the new start!

Returning from a driving holiday? Call in the experts and you’ll never know the car had been anywhere!


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